Ian Macfarlane



Ian Macfarlane (MA, Oxon) is a wellness entrepreneur, healing practitioner and vegan activist from Cape Town, South Africa's Mother City.

Since studying politics at Oxford in 1990's, Ian has been inspired by the intersection of personal and community-driven wellness. He has been a Trustee for government wellness campaigns, mobilised a Peace Park in the UK and a Healing Farm in the Kalahari, taken the SA Government to court for blocking the Dalai Lama's entry, and is currently co-designing a Healthy Plant-based cooking course for the Health Department.

He established the Cape Town Medi-Spa and Ubuntu Wellness Centrein 2003 where he practices with his nutritionist wife, Dawn, offering a full spectrum healing mix of Plant-based nutrition, Reiki Natural Healing, Biofeedback, Floatation Hydrotherapy and Therapeutic Massage, covered by the leading Medical Aids.

As founder of the award-winning Ubuntu Touch NPO ProjectIan is keenly aware of the opportunities brought to the underpriveleged by strategic Public-Private Partnerships combined with generous corporate CSR support. His life calling of promoting the African Ubuntu pholosophy is perfectly mirroredin the Indian philosophy of Ahimsa, a true lifestyle of non-violence that calls us across industries to adopt Veganism as the single Swiss-army like tool that alone can solve all the world's economic, social,justice, health and ethical challenges.