Renchia Droganis



Renchia Droganis is the founder of Africology, a natural and ethical skincare range that is designed to create harmony between skin, body and mind. The Africology range is completely chemical-free and can be found in some of the most luxurious spas around the world. Renchia has got four adult children and all of them are involved in the business, which makes Africology a true family affair.

Having worked for 15 years as a metaphysical counsellor, Renchia has a profound understanding of the interaction between body and mind. She started her career as a life coach and holistic healer for leading companies, including AIG, The Compass Group and DCL Foods, and also worked together with state prosecutors to help empower victims to find the mental strength to testify in court. After she trained as a Reiki master and aromatherapist, she incorporated homemade, bespoke skincare products containing essential oils in her therapies, which proved to be very beneficial to her clients. When a spa approached her to make a body wrap, she took on the challenge. Miracles happened and from this Africology has grown steadily since its beginnings in 2001.

Renchia is deeply committed to empowering consumers and helping them make conscious choices, while honouring the universe, nature and its intelligence. Based on years of research, she has an in-depth knowledge about the chemicals used in cosmetics and the effect they have on the human body. For that reason, she started Africology, a brand that only contains natural ingredients, which are locally sourced when possible, and essential oils, which align skin, body and mind.

From her humble beginnings mixing her blends in her kitchen, Renchia's team now produces well over 10 tons of certain product lines.

With passion in her heart and a clear, powerful vision for the future, Africology now distributes to over 350 five-star spas. Africology continues to be Africa's leading natural beauty and skincare brand.