Samantha Foster



For over 20 years, Sam's passion for wellbeing has led her on a journey through almost every aspect of the spa & wellness industry. A proven manager, therapist, trainer and retailer; she is one of Asia-Pacific's most experienced wellness consultants.

Sam's mission is to "make the world happier and healthier", and she sees the Wellness industry, with its focus on prevention, as the ideal vehicle. Combining 9 years' experience in Advertising with a host of qualifications in spa and holistic therapies, Sam specialises in creating and implementing uniquely positioned business concepts, including standalone wellness centres, health resorts, and entire wellness communities.

Sam runs international courses in spa business, is a published author, educator and activist. Twice awarded for her leadership in the spa industry, Sam has started several national spa associations, and is currently President of IHWA, whose mission is to empower the Wellness industry to promote global health and happiness. Most recently, Sam has started a blog on 'successful aging', aiming to help people of all ages to truly flourish.