Tabeer Amrohi



Her everlasting passion towards her art and dedication has helped her grow not only professionally, but personally as well. Her experience and knowledge has taken her near and afar, and brought her closer to her goal of bringing a fresh new approach and feel to the world of health and well being. Ms. Tabeer Amrohi is a woman with her feet on the ground but a vision that encompasses the horizon.

Coming from an illustrious background, the granddaughter of legendary film makerKamaalAmrohi and daughter of RukhsaarAmrohi, TabeerAmrohichose not to make path into the world of wondrous glamour in the Indian Film Industry. Instead, she chose to build of her own and introduced to the world of health and well being a concept that unifies therapy with astrology.

- "Your Zodiac Sign parallels your body" - this statement drove Tabeer Amrohi to assimilate astrology and into massage therapies and bring you closer to your stars; the foremost in its kind, conjugating the significance of your Zodiac and treatment rooms that render supreme rejuvenation, Rasi – The Zodiac Spa & Salon, brainchild of Tabeer.

Tabeer Amrohi is well versed with the significance of indulging in true meaningful spas that can transform an individual's well-being status. Rasi is greatly influenced by sun signs and four distinct elements that concentrate on one's body. The ambience, atmosphere and soul that the spa carries is heartwarming and comforts clients' with modern technology within the spa rooms that help elevate everyday stress.

Having had run Rasi a wonderful 7 years with a team, capable and dedicated; Tabeer has not only limited herself behind a desk on a chair but has also established herself as a makeup artist and is always on the look for new ventures and ideas that bring out the best of herself as an artist. An artist, an entrepreneur; compassionate and dedicated, Tabeer Amrohi is set to make a mark of her own. To let her work speak for itself, click on the links below: