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Advisory Council

Dr. Makhija

Wellness Coach
Clinics for Advanced Classical Homeopathy

Dr. Makhija practises homeopathy and uses meditative techniques to bring about long lasting permanent changes in mind and body. Health is Being at ease and absence of disease. It is a balance, alignment and cooperation between the heart, mind and emotions it "promotes more intuitive connection with our highest potential for effective reasoning, discernment and interactions (with others)." When there is coherent alignment between the heart, mind and emotions, Dr. Makhija explains, "It's easier to choose less stressful perceptions and attitudes and re-create 'flow' in our daily routines." Conversely when the mental and emotional systems are out-of-phase, they lack synchronization and thus interact in a conflicting manner, thereby compromising performance. … When our emotions are not aligned with getting the task accomplished, we lack motivation and enthusiasm, which limits our access to creativity and insight, and thus impedes our overall performance." How can we access the state of ease to create inner peace and inner ease? Dr. Makhija conducts workshops wherein one learns to access the subconscious mind and change the limiting belief system making one step onto the road of a fantastic journey to realise your potential. Dr. Makhija is a qualified doctor from mumbai university. She has also completed her fellowship from the prestigious institute The OtherSong Academy of international Classical Homeopathy. She is a certified Teacher for the Theta Healing technique of meditation and belief work from THInK institute (theta healing institute of knowledge) U. S. A.