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Feedback 2023

Feedback 2023
Heartiest congratulations and kudos to you and the entire team for an incredible event this year, with my heartfelt gratitude for allowing me to be a part of it with the bestowed honour! Means a lot :)

Dr. Mukesh Parmar, CEO, Docplexus
Thank you for making me a part of the conference. It was very well organised, well oriented with great talks, activities and influential personalities. It will be my pleasure to be a part of it in the future.

Vishakha Singh, Lead Health Relations, Neurobit Innovations
It was a wonderful panel discussion, absolutely loved every bit of learning from all speakers and my panel members. Above all, made some good friends.

Rupali Rane, Head HR, Nova IVF Fertility
The event was greatly organized and it was fun, as well as great learning. The showcase of our Indian Culture and inaugural ceremony was truly awesome and filled with positive energy.

I wish "World Health & Wellness Congress" a huge success in the coming future and your work for this noble cause is remarkable.

Prashant Mahankar, Managing Director, ORGlife Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
The whole experience of the event this year was not only enriching and enlightening but also rewarding on multiple fronts.

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