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Role Players 2020

Dr. Prakriti Poddar

Mind Over Image Consulting

Dr. Prakriti Poddar has been working in the area of Corporate and Personal Wellness since 2001 when she started Mind Over Image Consulting with the keynote 'It's not a Make Over; it's a Mind Over'.

The company focus is on Corporate Consulting, Counseling and Life Coaching along with Soft Skills development.

Prakriti became a doctor of alternate medicine in the system of Hypnotherapy in 2004. She is a certified counselor, a certified transpersonal regression therapist and Member of earTH, a NLP practitioner and a certified Neurofeedback technician. She is amongst the first to add Neurofeedback in her clinic in India.

With a thriving center for mental and emotional wellness in the heart of Mumbai, she is one of the most prominent voices of Mental Wellness having spoken nationally on numerous platforms and having been interviewed on mental health issues by media channels to educate and highlight the need of mental health awareness.

In her consulting practice she has been instrumental in setting up and aligning startups, as well as counseling practices within organizations, communities and educational institutes.

Prakriti has developed many pathbreaking techniques for deep healing and interventions towards wellness. An innovator when it comes to Mental Health and Wellness having created three new technologies of complete healing and wellness.

She developed iSoundPharmacy (, an innovative way to use sound and music as a healing technique. This has attained great results in reprograming trauma and Post traumatic Stress Disorder. Currently researching embedding sound and music into Overall Wellness.

The Legacy Gene Program is a program built for individuals who need to understand and align their trajectory. Using machine based brain training along with psychological modalities, The Legacy Gene is known to bring about deep change and exponential personal growth towards excellence. The YTB program was released at the National Women's Parliament in a gathering of 18000 women to encourage and empower them to think and act upon their future.

In 2017 The India Leadership Conclave recognized and awarded Prakriti's work by bestowing the award of 'India's Most Promising Woman Leader in Mental Health, Holistic Support and Wellness Model'.

Dr. Poddar recently spoke at the Horasis India Meet in Spain and represented the mental health challenges and the strategies for India to overcome mental health issues.

This company is now a division of the Poddar Wellness Limited.