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Role Players 2019

Adrian Stray

Marine Benefits Inc

Adrian Stray is a Norwegian of origin, but has spent most of his life on the move around the world. In India he worked for Hindustan Cola-Cola Beverages for five years, and worked across all states. In the retail sector he was baptized 'Bapu of ShreniPrabandhan' due to his ability to systemize and grow their business exponentially over time.

He has for the past five years been heading the global center of excellence center of Marine Benefits in Manila. Marine Benefits is a global health insurance company, specializing in health insurance for seafarers and their dependents. Marine Benefits is a subsidiary of Norwegian Hull Club; the second biggest maritime insurance company in the world.

Mr. Stray's biggest contribution towards the medical field has come through his conceptualization of health and wellbeing, via a digital program called Re:fresh. Re:fresh is a dynamic management tool tracking health and wellbeing of seafaring crew through a systematic and holistic approach, based on global best practice models. Every year, thousands of seafarers are being evaluated, and YTD February 2019, almost 10-thousand crew across 50 countries have gone through the holistic screening.

In 2018, Marine Benefits collaborated with nine major shipping companies in India, and tracked the physical, psychological, social and spiritual status of 3,712 seafarers. The report was named; 'The many faces of the Indian seafarer'. This was well received and distributed across the globe.

Adrian has master in economics and entrepreneurship, and has spent most of his life in the Coca-Cola system across 27 countries. He has been married to his first girlfriend, Møyfrid, since 1993, and they have three children together; all born naturally on April 15. This is also the very same day he met his wife for the first time. He is 49 years old, and his life-mottos are: 'Chak de', and 'Let's do some business with a heart'.