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Role Players 2019

Dr. Shalin Bharti

Chief Operating Officer
Ayurveda Research & Health Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Graduation - Sri Dharmsthal College & Hospital of Ayurveda, Hasan, Karnataka under Rajiv Ghandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengalure, Karnataka
  • Post graduation - MBA, Indian Institute of Business management
  • DYN - Diploma in Yoga & Naturopathy, from sVYASA University, Bangalore
  • BPHC - Pranic Healer
  • Expert in the field of Yoga therapy and multiple relaxation as well meditation techniques
  • Expert in Ayurveda Kerala Panchkrama techniques
  • Expert in preparation of various Ayurveda herbal medicines and oils
  • Expert in treatment of multiple ortho issues
  • Expertise n treatment of psychological issues
  • Expertise in skin related issues
  • Training of therapist and doctors in the field of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy
  • Experience in establishing, Management and operations of Ayurveda, Yoga Natuorpathyspa and health organisations
Achievements and awards
  • Treatment given to many of high profile political leaders, celebrities and social identities
  • International Yoga Olympiad champion
  • Best Paper presentation - in 2004, Banaras Hindu University, Concept of Yatras in Ayurveda
  • Best Paper presentation - in 2006, Concept of Ahara in Ayurveda
  • Best poster presentation - in 2008, Ahara and Health
  • Represented institutions in World Ayurveda Congress
  • Awarded as - BhartiyaChikitsaRatna Award, in 2010