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Role Players 2021

Hon. Major Dr. Deepak Rao

Samurai Zen Mind Clinic

Hon. Major Deepak Rao, is one of India's leading experts on ZEN & ORIENTAL PHILOSOPHY.

Hon. Major Rao is 1 of only 6 Indians to get coveted Presidents Rank Award since independence. The Ministry of Defence has cited him to be India's foremost pioneer of modern CQB training for counter terrorism ops. He is the only non-celebrity to be made Brand Ambassador of Indian Army TA in 2011 along with MS Dhoni, Kapil Dev & Sachin Tendulkar.

Internationally he has received the coveted World Peace Award. He is a motivational speaker on for almost a decade on Zen Buddhism, Samurai Culture & Sun Tzu's Art of War. He has studied Buddhist Scriptures from Harvard University. He has trained in Soto &Rhinzai Zen over 10 years in Nepal, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia and Shinto temples of Japan. He has trained in Warrior Tradition of Samurai & the Bushido Warrior Code in Tokyo from the 'SousakuKembu Tachibana Ittoryu'. Major Rao is a Medical Doctor with certified course studies from Ivy league universities Harvard (Pharmacology), Stanford (Disaster Medicine) Yale (Psychology) Psychoanalysis (IAPS California) CBT (Beck Institute). He is a certified specialist in End of Life Care USA with deep understanding of Death & the Dying. To understand the working of the human mind, he has studied Psychoanalysis from Institute of Advanced Psychological studies, USA & Existential therapy at London University.

To understand reprograming of the mind, He personally studied Hypnotherapy from Dr. John Butler, partner of Gill Boyne, Father of modern Hypnosis.