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Role Players 2021

Hon. Major Dr. Deepak Rao

Samurai Zen Mind Clinic

Jaini is the founder and CEO of Mindsight Clinic. As a businesswoman at the forefront of mental health in Mumbai, she weaves into the fabric of her work both the credences of professionalism and compassion.

Through her academic and entrepreneurial pursuits, her masters in 11 psychotherapies (she is a master practitioner in NLP, EBT, TA, Music Therapy and many more. she wishes to help people in Mumbai and from around the world solve personal and professional problems. By providing a centre for mental health that everyone can rely on, she can help people overcome any obstacles to achieving their full potential.

And through philanthropy, she supports and works for the underprivileged young and old.

She is also an excellent artist, with interests from a young age spanning from dance and music to painting, and singing having trained in the latter with eminent teachers.