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Role Players 2021

Surgeon Capt (Dr) Kushilab Bose

Indian Navy (Retd), Director
Medical Operations, Healthspring

Dr. Kushilab Bose is an alumnus of Armed Forces Medical College, Pune.

From 1989 Dr. Bose served in the Indian Navy for two and a half decades, where he was involved in various aspects of medical operations of the Indian Navy.

He was the Dean of Paramedical School of Indian Navy

He has had the rare privilege of designing, constructing and commissioning the latest Naval Hospital.

In 2011, Dr. Bose joined Healthspring as the Director, Medical Operations.

Healthspring provides a unique model of comprehensive health care to individuals, companies and factories.

This includes longitudinal holistic care and emergency care. The success of the model has been acclaimed nationally and globally.

Dr. Bose has planned and operationalized all aspects of health delivery by Healthspring clinics and Occupational Health Centers across the country.

He is responsible for all aspects of clinical outcomes and quality assurance in care delivery by Healthspring

He was chosen as one of the 101 Most Fabulous Healthcare Leaders - at the 4th World Health & Wellness Congress in Feb 2020.

He was also chosen as one of the Global Mental Health Leaders during the World Mental Health Congress in Nov 2020