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Role Players 2021

Dr. Upasana Arora

Yashodha Hospital

Yashoda Super Specialty Hospitals, Ghaziabad started in 1990, is a group of two hospitals located at Nehru Nagar (310 beds) and Kaushambi (300 beds).

As Director, Ms. Upasana Arora has been solely responsible for the successful management of the Kaushambi unit of Yashoda Hospitals with all its attending specialties, administration and finances since its inception in 2006. At the hospital, the emphasis has been on patient rights and safety, transparency in all processes of the hospital functioning and services with value for money and motivated the organization for the same at all times. At this level of management, I strongly function as a mentor to ensure personal growth which is the corner stone of employee motivation. I havealways focused on gender equality and women‟s empowerment not only as human rights, but also professionally because they are a pathway to achieve the Organizational Development Goals & sustainable development and thus, in our staff we have ratio of 1:2 of females and males with almost 470 female staff out of a total strength of 1300 employees.