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Role Players 2023

Dr. Ahmad Nasrallah

Dar Al Shifa Hospital

Dr. Ahmad Nasrallah is a refined Healthcare Executive with more than 25 yearhands-on experience in healthcare leadership and business transformationand holds a Doctorate in Health Care Management.

He is theonly long-serving CEO in any private hospital in Kuwait (17 years), showing his dedication. Dar Al Shifa Hospital (DASH) grew under his leadership and is the largest private player in the market both in terms of patient volume and revenue. Leads a team of 2000 + staff with 40+ nationalities. The executive team has a mix of both gender and represents 7 different nationalities.He ensures in-house strategic planning without third-party planners, utilizing best practice tools and appropriate stakeholder engagement every three years and translate it into department operational plan annually.His strategies attained growth across last decade (2011-2022) around 106%. Today Dar Al Shifa has the Highest market share among private hospitalindicating hospital of choice as per MOH, Kuwait statistics.

His initiative for evidemce based clinical practice and standardization resulted in DASH being the first hospital in Kuwait that has collaborated with Accreditation Canada International and first to attain Diamond status across 3 consecutive cycles with zero unmet criteria in 2022. The excellence Journey started with ACQI (2007), ACR (2010), ISO 22000 (2011), ISO 9001;2015(2018), DIAM (2019), SRC Orthopedics (2020), ASSP GCC HSE Excellence Awards for Facility Maintenance and CoVID 19 (2021), HIMSS 6 certification (2021) .His special interest in automation resulted in DASH being the first in Kuwait and in the GCC to attain HIMSS level 7 certification (OEMRAM & EMRAM) 2022. Dr. Ahmad has a passion for engaging patients resulting in Patient and Family Advisory Council and 28 patient partners, who volunteer with us in facility designing, Quality Improvement Projects, Committee meetings, Policy reviews resulted in DASH being the first Hospital in the region to be awarded People-centered Care Commitment award (2022.) DASH also received ASSP GCC HSE Excellence Award Risk Management (2022) and Safety Star awards by Ministry of Health Kuwait. (2022)

He holds high moral values and supports the Special Need population through facility enhancement as per American Disability Association standards and also by promoting 312 Café run by a group of special needs individuals. He gives importance to community health programs by allocating resources for community screening program, (RADAR) focused on Breast, Colon, Prostate & Cervical Cancer.He ensures evidence-based practice by chairing the clinical audit board and DASH hosted 3 International conferences in 2022. (Quality, Nursing and Neonatology Conferences) He is extremely employee-friendly and ensures timely staff recognition. He ensure he is continuously in touch with employees and promotes Fit life program (a wellness activity for staff), departmental and annual family open days. He was awarded Just culture Advocate award in 2022.