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Role Players 2023

Dr. Jenna A Burton

Medical Writer and Media Presenter

As a jack of all trades within the medical profession, I have been fortunate to lead a diverse and creative medical career. From working in the emergency department, working for and inside medical aircrafts, created health and wellness platforms for tech start ups, companies and inside schools, I now currently work within a family medical department offering general health, cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic treatments. When I can, I work as a ringside doctor for boxing and MMA events such as with the UFC.

However my passions within the industry have always been more fixated on physical and emotional wellbeing. I love to educate the public, including children (I set up an educational page called Dogtor Florence to teach those pre-primary school age) about healthcare and how to live a balanced healthy lifestyle.

In my spare time I talk about health on podcasts, on the radio and write about it in magazines. I live and work between Dubai and the UK, have 3 wonderful children and spend my weekend hikings in the mountains, wrestling, running and/or cuddling my babies!