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Role Players 2023

Dr. Sandeep Vohra

Founder & CMD

Dr. Sandeep Vohra is an entrepreneur, clinician, academician, researcher, media mental health expert & a pioneer of tele mental health in India with 30 year's experience. His health tech startup company, No worry No tension Healthcare(NWNT) which specializes in augmented human intelligence/ machine learning based innovations and algorithms covering the whole spectrum of emotional wellness from prevention to curehas recently been funded by the former Chairman of world's largest natural healthcare company - Dabur Group, Mr. Amit Burman.

He runs a mental health clinic catering to patients from all 28 states in India and around 37 countries of the world through his hybrid model of telepsychiatry named as Vohra Neuropsychiatry clinic (VNC) in New Delhi. Hisclient-profile is made up by a wide-rangingdiaspora, consisting of top-notch business honchos, actors from movies & television, sportspersons, artists, politicians, celebrities, high achievers and eminent dignitaries from government & judiciary.

He is presently chairperson of Digital Mental Health subcommittee of Indian Psychiatric Society (2022-23), Advisor - Digital Mental Wellness Program, Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation. & Advisor-Digital Mental Health Initiatives, BLK MAX hospital

He has more than 1500 (Fifteen hundred) TV appearances on various Indian news channels, has been Profiled on the cover page story by The CEO Magazine, featuring "25 dominant leaders in healthcare industry"in May 2019, was Awarded with "Technological Innovation in the field of Emotional & Mental health" by ET Now at the "World Mental Health Congress & Awards", in February 2019 and was Awarded with "Outstanding contribution in the field of Psychiatry" by Indian Association of Private Psychiatry, Delhi Chapter in June 2018

He believes firmly in the changing landscape of mental healthcare globally, contributed by the technological advancements alleviating the limiting impact of scarce mental health professionals, cost-prohibitive ness, the stigma imminent with seeking mental healthcare and thus for screening of masses for emotional health problems after almost 10 years of research, he has developed 2 software based emotional wellness assessment scales named and patented as Emotional wellness Index for both student & adults in collaboration with Houston university (2018)and for checking the happiness levels he has developed Goulston Vohra Happiness scale (2021) in collaboration with Dr Mark Goulston who is MG100 Coach, USA