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Role Players 2023

Dr. Siddharth Chowdhury

Consultant Neuropsychiatrist, Director & Chief Operations Officer at PsyMantra Foundation and PsyMantra Institute. Consultant Neuropsychiatrist at Umeed Wellness Center.

Mental Health Specialist at World Health Partners working towards towards bringing mental health care into the health programmes of the government while also providing door to door mental health screening services with severity based telephonic counselling or institutional referrals.

Mental Health Columnist and Editor, Health at Rising Kashmir.

Practicing in Clinical Psychiatry for 7 years, partaking in academic training in the last 3 years.

His biggest strength lies in ensuring that the client and caregivers concerns are heard before a therapeutic plan is put in place.

He works by a very simple principle. The need of the hour is to find an eclectic solution by recognising the all sub-disciplines of mental health play their own parts in the prognosis of a client who approaches us. Proferssionals have to take it on themselves to keep their egos aside and provide a help-seeker with the right solution even if it may mean making a referral to another mental health professional.

His areas of greater insight that allow me make a better choice are ADHD, mood, anxiety, OCD, panic spectrum, personality and substance use disorders.