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Role Players 2019

Session Chairperson

Apple Allison

Chief Energy Optimizer and SMILE Coach

Apple Allison's expressive and positive influence sparks social energising actions in the community.

Using her insightful experiences in communication, marketing, psychology, special events, creative education and facilitating, she creates and delivers impactdriven innovations to independent homegrown brands and MSMEs.

As a people builder and group
guidance facilitator, she advocates for sustainability and inclusive growth while living a "workcation" lifestyle. She's been a trained peer counsellor since 2001 and a wellrounded paraprofessional peer coach for more than a decade.
As a believer of the power of creative expression and fun, she incorporates Art and Play Therapy in her capacity building activities.

In 2014, she published her personal website documenting her self-discovery and mastery journey while #MakingADifferenceOneTripAtATime. Her very relatable personality and regular sharing on her quarter life crisis experience paved way for the youth and other millennials in her network to openly talk about what they're going through without being stigmatized. #SoleSearchingSoul provides online and offline emotional support and inspiration for those who feel lost and uncertain.

Today, Apple Allison conducts private #SSSoulful Retreat and coaching to guide those who are going through their crossroads and personal crisis. She's set to publish SOS : QuarterLife Workbook for twenty something and searching this 2019.

Her authenticity, charm and enthusiasm made her one of the most sought after young resource person by government agencies and private companies. She has been recognized for her optimistic thought-leadership and passion for human development.