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Role Players 2019

Dhara Mehta

The Opposable Thumb

Dhara Mehta is the founder of 'The Opposable Thumb', an initiative aimed at assisting individuals in identifying and enhancing their true and unique creative potential. An Architect by training, Dhara is an artist, trainer and dance movement therapy practitioner from Mumbai. She had her first stint with the art of dancing while studying architecture, and the experience moved her deeply. Ever since this life transforming experience, she has made it her mission to make this powerful experience of self-transformation accessible to all.

Dhara is also a theatre artist with 3+ years of extensive training at Shiamak Davar International (SDIIPL) along with intensive training sessions by an international faculty from Germany, France & USA. She went ahead to receive her postgraduate diploma in Dance Movement Therapy from Tata Institute for Social Sciences, Mumbai (TISS) which has enabled her to use her skills and dance movement therapy to develop fun and interactive training sessions for corporates.

Dhara firmly believes that the disciplines of dance and movement are not just for physical training but also ones to have tremendous potential in bringing about a mental and emotional balance. She harnesses techniques from the artistic worlds of performing and visual arts to provide unique and innovative sessions on stress management and soft skills corporate training. Her methods are purely experiential and have proven to be effective in helping professional organisations enhance their productivity and efficiency.

The following session is an invitation to one and all to immerse in the experiential world of Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) and simply dance your stress away. Using the cathartic and therapeutic value of dance, DMT works on the core principles of self-reflection and kinesthetic empathy. An alternative form of psychotherapy, DMT is highly regarded in providing a fun and effective solution to stress management in the workplace. The session will be a 30-minute experience, facilitated by Dhara and Fiona to demonstrate the power and benefits of DMT in reducing stress and enhancing productivity and efficiency in the workplace. They aspire to make you leave the session feeling highly energized, mentally relaxed and creativity charged.