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Role Players 2023

Piyush Bhan

SVP International Business

Piyush Bhan is an intellectequipped with business, technical, product and software experience of over a decade in payments and healthcare.With his high entrepreneurial spirit, he has helped multiple companies to set up, run, grow and scale up their operations in India & abroad. Currently working with Salucro, he has launched their business in India and created the product-market fit for the Indian market. His thought leadership in the Healthcare industry is exceptional and aligns well with the vision of Salucroi.e., 'to provide smooth and secure patient payment solutions and experience'.

With Salucro his aim is to revolutionize the payment ecosystem by bringing in the ease of making payments using multiple payment options for patients and at the same time make it technologically and operationally efficient for Hospitals to receive and reconcile their payment receivables. With over 800+ live customer sites in USA, India, UAE, Canada and UK, Salucro is on the mission to automate payment processes at all Healthcare related organizations including hospitals and pharmacies, to enrich patients' experience.

Using Salucro, Piyush Bhan wants to help all healthcare systems and providers across the globe from giant conglomerates to Grassroot level dispensaries toutilize the best payment systems to digitise their payment process and generate a seamless payment experience for patients.