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Advisory Council

Sasa Bozic

Founder of Executive Wellbeing Institute and Owner
SASA Consulting

Sasa Bozic is an owner of SASA consulting, an entrepreneur, an executive wellbeing coach, motivational speaker on wellness and preventive health, marketing and branding consultant with 22 years of experience in senior marketing positions with special affinity to wellbeing in organizations. Highly experienced in introducing the importance of Employee Wellbeing Programs to executives and engaging employees through holistic measures of preventive health activities. Using latest techniques and technology to provide individual wellbeing coaching sessions as well as preventive health activities among groups. She strongly believes that healthy and happy employees are a safe and reliable path towards successful business.

During the last five years Sasa has been operating in the Middle East and India as a Consultant and an Executive Wellbeing coach. She was organizing employee well-being programs based on western developed models and applied them to local customs' specifics and workplace culture. Through practical workshops, she successfully introduced preventive health measures at the workplace to HR departments in organizations, such as TATA group, Apollo Hospitals, Dusit Hotels, and others. Due to her contribution in the area of raising preventive health awareness in corporations among decision-makers and spreading engagement among employees, she was also invited as a speaker and an award winner to the World Health and Wellness Congress & Awards 2017 and as a speaker to the Ficci Heal Conference 2016.

Since the beginning of 2017 Sasa has been active in the Nutrition industry by helping her client Nektar Natura to promote natural fruit & vegetable juices and educate HoReCa sector on the importance of healthy food and beverages for their guests in more than 16 countries in Europa and Asia.

But those who know Sasa personally, can say one thing with great surety, Sasa's heart and passion lies in empowering the people of India to be more conscious towards preventive health initiatives, in their personal lives as well as in their work environment.