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Role Players 2019

Dr. Harsha Vardhan

Founder and Group Managing Director MedAchievers Private Limited | Genome Analyst | H R
Biocare Private Limited |

With more than a decade of multifaceted entrepreneurial experience, Harsha Vardhan is mentor, orator, leader, investor, transformer and game changer with immense capability of strategy and market establishment in healthcare. He is a global entrepreneur, Founder and also holds board position and is advisor on board of leading companies. He is Founder and Managing Director of very Successful ventures including, Genome Analyst (a platform that hosts best experts in the field of genomics and genetics), H R Biocare (the lab that processes large number of caner testing on molecular platform in India), MedAchievers- (a well-known and celebrated healthcare ecosystem, knowledge creation, global tech transfer and recognition platform that hosts and partners most prominent leaders of healthcare for knowledge sharing & business exchange). He also established in 2018, India's first simulator enabled hands on training institution for open orthopedic surgeries.

He is a doctorate and qualified Biotechnologist along with a Masters degree in Bioinformatics and has established model for world class molecular labs and facilities since 2007 and his team conducted thousands of tests using most advanced molecular & genomic technology. He has created a research base for product development supported by global experts from Pittsburgh, Victoria (Australia) and Nanyang Technical University, Singapore. He is recipient of multiple awards for his contribution as entrepreneur in health sector. He is the first awardee of "Good Karma award for health" by speaking tree (a times of India initiative) for his invaluable contribution in innovation led healthcare and 100 most impactful global healthcare leader award. He has also Launched $100mn USD healthcare fund for start-ups.

He has invested in more than 8 ventures in the field of healthcare and Biotechnology. He also partners leading companies and has direct presence in USA, UK, Australia, Israel, Singapore and Finland. He has been active in global healthcare service selection, policy and placement. Some of his many achievements are official partnership with NACO (Government of India) for prevention of HIV in patients as well as doctors, Indian Medical Association (connecting more than 300,000 doctors), Government of Estonia (for development of better healthcare tools), Government of United Kingdom (National Health Services) for implementation of innovative health-tech solutions specially in the field of IT enabled health, Genomics and neo tools in India. Dr. Vardhan is committed to create a better opportunity ecosystem to establish neo- initiative in Indian healthcare space.