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Role Players 2019

Dr. Shweta Agrawal Attarwala

Ayurvedic Consultant and Ayurvedic Panchakarma Practitioner
Aayu' Ayurvedic clinic

Dr. Shweta Agrawal Attarwala is an Ayurvedic physician with over 10 years of experience in clinical practise of Ayurveda. She graduated with a degree in Ayurvedic Medicine from R. A. Podar Medical College (Ayu), Mumbai, which is one of the most prestigious Ayurvedic colleges and hospitals in India. She is passionate about spreading the 'Wellness Wisdom' detailed in Ayurveda and wishes to bring back Ayurveda into the daily lives of people. Her wish is to promote Ayurveda as a way of living, as a stepping stone to great Health!

She is:
  • 'Urban Projects Chairman' (2018-19) at the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay, Kandivali (IWCBK) which is an International Women's organisation working towards several social causes.
  • An Ayurvedic Consultant and AyurvedicPanchakarmapractitioner at 'Aayu' Ayurvedic clinic, which is her base of work.
  • Curator of the 'SwasthAyurved – Proactive Healthcare' Program which is an innovative program enabling people to understand and manage their own health.
  • A motivated speaker, delivering lectures and conducting workshops across various sections of the society for education and promotion of Healthcare with Ayurveda.